Frequenty Asked Questions

We strive to provide quality healthcare to our community in San Joaquin County. We aspire to give personal care and attention to each and every patient.

Your initial visit will be with one of our board certified sleep doctors.  The doctor will take a sleep history and evaluate your specific sleep problems.  If indicated, he will order an overnight sleep study.

You will come back to our office for a night sleepover, where our registered sleep technicians will hook you up to monitoring devices that will measure all aspects of your sleep cycle, including breathing, snoring, movement, heart, and oxygen saturation. None of these monitoring devices are painful and are designed to allow you to move and turn during sleep.  You will also be allowed to get up out of bed and use the restroom with assistance from the technician. About halfway through the night, if you are found to have Sleep Apnea, the sleep technician will fit you with CPAP and retest you in order to find out what works best for you to prevent apneas from occurring.

A home sleep study can be done for some patients that meet the criteria upon the doctor’s evaluation.  You will come into our office and receive a monitor to take home.  Our technician will show you how to set yourself up for a full night’s monitoring.  The monitor will be returned by you the next day.

Avoid all food and drinks containing caffeine after 12 noon on the day of your test.  No alcohol on the day of your test. Do not nap the day of your test.  Do NOT stop any medications you are taking unless directed by the doctor.  Bathe before you arrive for the night. Do not use any lotions after bathing.  Bring comfortable clothes to sleep in.  DO NOT bring any bedding, we will supply pillows, blankets, and sheets.  Sensors will be placed on a number of areas on your body including your scalp and fingers, therefore let your technician know if you are using any items that might interfere such as false nails or hairpieces.

You will have a follow-up visit with the doctor to go over all of the findings of your sleep study.  He will also explain to you your options and make recommendations for treatment.